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Featured ABB Products Represented by EES


We are Authorized Distributor And Integrator for ABB. As such, we are experts in the use and implementation of these products. Read below to learn about the new featured products we offer.

EES Products ABB INTEGRA™ IT-8000 (EMEA & FE)


The INTEGRATM IT-8000 is an IoT BACnet Building Controller that can connect to ABB’s BACnet field controllers as well as diverse devices and subsystems using various protocols. It provides integrated control, supervision, network management, scheduling, data logging, alarming, and graphical displays through a standard web browser. It has remote connectivity, scalability, and can connect multiple IT-8000 controllers using the INTEGRA-Supervisor software. The IT-8000 has a scalable licensing model and features standard drivers with optional expansion modules.

The INTEGRA-ProPack service is a database import tool that automatically creates the BACnet network, devices, and points in the IT-8000, reducing deployment time and programming time for new projects.

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EES products ABB Cylon® CBXi Series

Cylon® CBXi Series

The CBXi Series is a range of programmable BACnet controllers with native BACnet/IP communications support, ideal for HVAC equipment, lighting control, and metering applications. The CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H controllers can support multi-protocol communications simultaneously, including BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU.

The CBXi-8R8 controller features 8 UniPuts with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs, while the -H variant includes local override function through HOAswitches. The CBXi Series can be used as an integration platform, and it supports pre-engineered strategies or custom applications using CXproHD programming software. The range includes FLX I/O expansion modules, interchangeable with the CBX Series BACnet MS/TP controllers, to allow maximum flexibility in achieving the required point configuration.

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EES products ABB eSCi System

eSCi System

The eBuilding System Controller (eSCi) from ABB is a facility-level controller for building subsystems such as HVAC and lighting that allows building managers to monitor and control thousands of facilities from a single location. The eSCi utilizes ABB’s latest IP-based, web-enabled CBXi platform to provide backward compatibility and continuity to existing Teletrol customers. The eSCi is IT friendly, BACnet enabled, and internet powered, and provides industry-standard communication capabilities through its various built-in communications ports. The eSCi is available in two models: the eSCi-8×8 and the eSCi-16×16, which feature integrated I/O that can be easily configured to meet the most complex retailer’s needs.

The eSCi controller is ideal for supervisory building control and for integrating with a broad range of HVAC equipment in facilities, and is well-suited for retrofit as well as new construction applications.

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EES ABB Cylon FBXi series

Cylon® FBXi

The FBXi Series is a range of BACnet controllers that can be programmed to control HVAC equipment and electrical systems, including lighting and metering applications. The controllers support multi-protocol communications, including BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU. They feature support for up to sixteen FLX extension modules, providing up to 256 points of control, and a dedicated input for ABB room sensors.

The controllers can be used as an integration platform and natively support the routing of either BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP or Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. The FBXi Series accommodates available pre-engineered strategies or can be tailored to custom applications using CXproHD programming software. Accessories include various FLX I/O expansion modules.

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EES ABB Cylon FBVi-2U4-4T

Cylon® FBVi-2U4-4T

The FBVi-2U4-4T is a BACnet Unitary Controller with native BACnet/IP communications support, ideally suited for Variable Air Volume zoning applications. It features 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs, 4 Digital (Triac) Outputs, an integrated airflow sensor, and a dedicated input for ABB room sensors, with an integrated Belimo actuator.

The controller accommodates available pre-engineered strategies or can be tailored to custom applications using CXproᴴᴰ programming software. It supports demand ventilation, occupancy sensing, or lighting control, making it suitable for various VAV zoning applications, including cooling only, cooling with reheat, and series/parallel fan VAV. The FBVi-2U4-4T supports configurable BACnet objects and data security, and its hardware points are automatically configured by the downloaded strategy.

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EES ABB FusionAir Smart Sensor

ABB FusionAir Smart Sensor

The ABB FusionAir Smart Sensor is a compact and visually appealing room control display that works with ABB’s FLXeon and CB Line BACnet field controllers. It provides intelligent temperature and humidity sensing, with options for CO₂ or VOC sensing and PIR occupancy detection.

The sensor can be used to adjust HVAC, lighting, and sunblind set points for the connected controller and can be installed as part of a multi-sensor application. The sensor can also provide a touch-free user interface with LED indication of safety status in a room for pandemic safety. The sensor is suitable for use in various systems, including VAV, rooftop units, fan coil units, heat pumps, and AHUs.

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EES Cylon-FBTi-7T7-1U1R

Cylon® FBTi-7T7-1U1R

The FBTi-7T7-1U1R is a BACnet Unitary Controller with native BACnet/IP communications support designed to control Fan Coil Units, Chilled Ceilings, Heat Pumps, and Roof Top Units. It features 7 UniPuts with Triac, 7 Universal Inputs, 1 UniPut without Triac, a 240V AC relay, and a dedicated input for ABB FusionAir sensors. Dual IP ports with failsafe switchover connect the FBTi to any open BACnet network and provide seamless integration to the ABB system. It can execute IAQ applications such as Demand Control Ventilation and optimize energy usage in the controlled terminal equipment. The FBTi is programmed using CXproᴴᴰ programming software and reference strategies for Fan Coil Units and Roof Top Units are available for download and customization.

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EES ABB field level eXpansion (FLX) modules

Field Level eXpansion (FLX) modules

The Field Level eXpansion (FLX) modules are I/O expansion modules for the CBXi and CBX series of BACnet field controllers. They come in various models with different features such as UniPuts™ with Relay, Universal Inputs, and Digital Inputs. They can be used to extend the capacity of the controllers for various applications such as air handling units, boiler rooms, plants, and lighting control. The FLX models include FLX-4R4, FLX-8R8, and FLX-16DI, and accessories such as FLX-PS24 Power Supply Module and FLX-RMC Remote Module Connector are available.

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