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Bridge lift systems, tunnel and subway ventilation, and more. With expertise in hardware, software, mechanical, and electrical, we are uniquely able to provide turnkey systems.

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Building Asset Management

Our engineers can integrate all elements of your building to make your building energy efficient and easy to operate.

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We offer a range of service, including 24/7/365 packages.


At Engineered Energy Solutions

we apply our mechanical, electrical, and subject matter expertise to provide our clients with the best SOLUTION to their automation and system integration needs.

Our goal is to maximize the asset life of our clients’ infrastructure.
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Increased energy demand

is enough to escalate your operating costs.

Now, couple that with decreasing energy supplies, the need to extend asset life, and companies will be faced with issues which affect their bottom line.

The need for reliable,

cost effective control solutions for a myriad of building and process systems is paramount to a company’s success.

At Engineered Energy Solutions,

we understand the impact that these systems have on profit, productivity, and quality of life.


Our experience has given us the knowledge and ability to structure a solution that can positively affect the way you do business.

Conserving energy,

running more reliably, and boosting your bottom line makes good business and environmental sense.

Please contact us and we can start assisting you with your automation needs.

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