3,550,264,278,300 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide Saved


About the Company


Engineered Energy Solutions employs our four decades of experience as a systems integrator to design hardware and software in order to gain the greatest efficiency with mechanical systems while enhancing the end result for our clients and the environment.



Our goal is to control mechanical systems to their highest efficiency without compromising quality or production for our clients. The by-product of this is two-fold, savings to increase profitability and sustainability for our planet. WE STOP THE WASTE.



Our methodology is simple….we help your “Triple Bottom Line”

We consider the financial, human, and environmental results for your projects. Since 1982, Engineered Energy Solutions has provided control system integration solutions for our clients’ automation needs. Regardless of the process being controlled, we have developed and implemented new technologies designed to lower operational costs, provide increased reliability, and created substantial client savings.

We expand the notion of profitability and make THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE the cornerstone of our methodology.

Programmable controller EES

Consider Profit

Whether your company is global in scope or more local in coverage, one fact remains: bottom line profitability is the most important requisite for business survival. By focusing on the life cycle investment for our automation solutions, we can generate a reduction in operating costs over a longer period for a better financial bottom line.

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Consider Productivity

A company’s employees are its greatest asset. The impact the work environment has on employee productivity is sometimes overlooked. At EES, our automation solutions are designed to maintain comfort and increase workflow. By reducing lost work time and increasing worker production, we help your productive bottom line.

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Consider the Environment

Protecting the environment is not the sole purpose of a few, but of all of us who inhabit this planet. We want our children to inherit a world without ozone depletion, excessive greenhouse gases, and exhausted natural resources. Our automation systems, services, and solutions are geared toward sustainable design to lower overall energy use, which would ultimately have a positive impact on the environment.

Meet the EES Team

Pat Miller

Founder and Chairman

F. Patrick Miller, PE, has been the Engineer in Charge of Projects at EES since its inception in 1982. Prior to starting EES, Mr. Miller was a twenty-year employee of Trane Co. His background in HVAC has been the basis for the concepts and control strategies defined and refined in the past 28 years. Mr. Miller will provide oversight to all technical and strategic implementations.


Mr. Miller is a PE with licenses in NJ and NY as well as Green Building Engineer (GBE). He is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers, ASHRAE and Building Commissioning Association.


Mr. Miller is a founding member of the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA), an affiliate of NEMA, and served as its founding chairman from 1993-1997. He is also a founding member of the Rockwell Automation Authorized Solution Providers – Validation (RAASP-Validation) and served as founding chairman of that organization. He and his firm have received many local and national awards for work in the energy field.

Bruce Marson

President and CEO

Bruce is the president/CEO of EES and has been with the company since 1992. Bruce has done extensive work in the field of energy management, having developed and implemented many successful control schemes for chilled water plants and their associated loads. He has performed document development and execution of commissioning on two LEED projects and has assisted on numerous audits to support design of energy efficient control systems. Bruce has built scientific testing platforms for heat exchanger performance verification for the University of Maryland, and is listed on the patent for design of OTEC power plants.


Coming up through the ranks at EES, Bruce has extensive background in software development, electrical troubleshooting, wiring interfaces, project management, validation, documentation and design engineering, and is responsible for design, fabrication, and testing of all EES control systems. Specific technical work has included hardware and software engineering in the design, implementation, commissioning and validation of PLC based building systems in critical and non-critical load applications. He has been the lead technical and commercial manager of several pharmaceutical manufacturing suite HVAC system installations.

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Peter Moskal

Vice President of Production

Peter is the Vice-President of Production at Engineered Energy Solutions. He has been with EES since 2017. He is responsible for the day-to-day planning making sure our clients are happy as well as our employees. His background in the Electrical world has made him a huge asset to understanding how a lager project needs to flow and how important our role is to a successfully project.


Peter’s passion for the clients is always on the forefront, being personal with them and truly understanding their needs and wants. For Peter it does not stop there, he enjoys getting to a granule level with coworkers and understand them at work as well as at home.


Peter’s growth in the Electrical field was fast tracked but just like everyone else being as a gofer. He moved his way up to running small projects to larger projects. In the ladder of his carrier, he would oversee many projects and be called in to do clean up / damage control to get everything back on track so the clients were happy. Moving on to Scada systems this is what truly drove Peter’s passion for the industry and the introduction to this from Dan Luna.

Dan Luna

Vice President of Engineering

Dan is the Vice President of Engineering for EES. He has been with the company since 2014. He is the lead software engineer and also responsible for Information Technology. Dan has an extensive background in software development, electrical design and troubleshooting, networking, and communications.


As an engineer, Dan has worked on a variety of projects. Specific technical work includes hardware and software engineering in the design, implementation, and commissioning of PLC-based equipment in the HVAC, converting machinery, electrical, water, packaging and other industries. Dan has designed large-scale industrial networks, and provided cybersecurity analyses to these networks. He has written many lines of SQL, C, and PLC code over the past 25 years.

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Gacem Ghileb

Project Engineer

EES portraits for website - kyle

Kyle Horne

Engineer in Training

EES portraits for website - Tom

Thomas Devlin

Project Engineer



being a system integrator, we have helped many companies over the last 30 years….


National Society of Professional Engineers EES

National Society of Professional Engineers

Licensed professional engineers in control system and mechanical engineering are on staff.  EES is also a member of the NJSPE.

Ashrae logo EES


EES is active within ASHRAE and can apply the latest codes and standards while maximizing energy efficiency.

Control system integrators association logo EES

Control System Integrators Association

EES is an original founding member of the Control System Integrators Association.  We are active contributors to the organization and attend conferences to gain valuable control system knowledge that we pass along to our clients.

International Society of Automation logo EES


EES employees are active members in ISA

Uptime institute EES

Uptime Institute

EES has been involved with several projects which have been certified under the Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System.

Project management institute EES

Project Management Institute

EES has PMPs on staff and is active in the New Jersey chapter of PMI.  We have extensive project management experience in the automation industry.



EES is always looking for qualified personnel to add to our team of professionals.  We hire a unique skill set.  Depending on the job that is needed, we would hire from technician up to experienced engineer.  If there are not any job listings below, feel free to email your inquiry to EES.